Why integrate Magento with KOEBT?

Because it is an ingenious platform, yet still requires some technological know-how to operate and master. The possibilities for customization are endless with Magento – a great advantage if you know how to put together the right solution.

We have many years of experience with the development of Magento and can help fulfill any wishes and needs you may have for your webshop. With KOEBT integration, your systems talk to each other and help you in everyday life, by automating processes and workflows that were previously manual and time-consuming.

What is Magento?

Magento is a well-known e-commerce platform used by many as a solution for their online e-commerce business. In addition to a comprehensive number of functionalities, Magento eCommerce gives your online business flexibility and full control over the design, content, and functionality of your webshop. The platform is suitable for both B2B and B2C webshop and online trading. Magento is written in PHP and uses the Zend Framework (ver. 1). In addition, there are many modules and extensions for Magento. Magento’s search engine optimization, directory management, and effective marketing tools enable you to create websites that provide an unmatched shopping experience for your customers.

Magento’s intuitive administration interface allows you to tailor your website to your unique business needs. Fully scalable, with an extensive support network.

Who uses Magento?

More than 240,000 resellers worldwide use Magento as a platform for their online store – both B2B and B2C. Magento is mainly for those who are relatively experienced in e-commerce and web programming. If you are technically strong, Magento can be a good and cheap solution. If you are new, however, it can be expensive to buy cheap. Although the immediate price seems low, the final price may turn out to be higher. In addition to the cost of hosting, backup, domain, modules, and design, you must include the price you spend on the system itself. That time could perhaps have been spent on more promotional activities, such as marketing and better service to your customers. We help you find the right solution and make sure it is scalable and future-proof – so your business can grow.

What is the difference between Magento version 1 and Magento version 2?

Over the last ten years, Magento has launched many versions, primarily divided into Magento 1 and Magento 2. Each release is frequently updated with several release notes containing new enhancements or bug fixes. Each version contains two different editions: Community (CE) and Enterprise (EE), so-called Open Source and Commerce. While Magento CE is free to download with all the basic features that work very well for small to medium-sized businesses, Magento EE is available at a price of approx. $ 22,000 per year for the 2.2.x version. Magento EE comes with lots of advanced features and with 24/7 premium support. Here, you can get more knowledge into the difference.

Which systems do you integrate Magento with?

If you have chosen Magento as your e-commerce platform, we can make a Magento integration with the rest of your systems. This makes all systems, such as handling and managing product catalog, customers, orders, etc. automated. Magento can integrate with Netsuite, POS, Microsoft Dynamics 365 (AX, C5, NAV), e-conomic, SAP, and many other systems, to name but a few.

Magento is fully integrated with other systems, and we have developed modules for PostDanmark, GLS, e-conomic, ePay, Dinero, as well as subscription modules and supplier catalogs. An integration with Magento automates your workflows, so you don’t have to do double work.

Why use Magento?

The Magento eCommerce platform gives you the tools you need to attract more customers, sell more products, and make more money. One of Magento’s biggest strengths is the ability to grow from a small startup to a million-dollar company. For example, Nike and Ford all use Magento for their webshop solutions as Magento can handle both simple and advanced ecommerce solutions. In short, the benefits of Magento are:

  • Easy to install and add additional layouts/plug-ins
  • Open source technology that offers flexible and scalable e-commerce solutions
  • An efficient and cost-effective program
  • Allows for various discounts and offers during check-out
  • Offers more than 50 payment gateways

How does Magento work with KOEBT?

With Magento, as with many other systems, it is an advantage to be completely sharp on hosting, backup, domain, modules, and design – and this is exactly where we come into play!

By letting us develop and integrate your webshop, you can spend your time wisely and where most value is created for your company – and let us worry about the codes and maintenance.

Data handled through KOEBT

KOEBT is an integration system that transfers data from one system to another. It handles all tasks involved in integrating different systems and platforms seamlessly and without human involvement, once configured.

An example of this would be integration between a website (e-commerce or a CMS) and an ERP (enterprise resource planning). When purchasing an item, the customer’s data and order information is transferred from the website to the integrated ERP. At the same time, the inventory is also updated – from ERP to the website, so that the data displayed in the webshop is always updated and correct. All data is sent back and forth through KOEBT as needed. Automating such information transactions simplifies processes and ensures the highest possible accuracy.

Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management