KOEBT integration

By digitizing and integrating your stock and bookkeeping through KOEBT, you gain a number of advantages.

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Minimize manual errors

By integrating data and systems, you and your employees will gain a greater overview and reduction in manual work. An integrated system will result in fewer manual errors and shortcomings in each individual step.


Integrating and automating data, systems, and work processes will create streamlined workflows that help you avoid duplication of effort.

Easier with scaling

With data and system integrations, your employees will spend less time on administrative tasks. This will allow them to focus on what is most important to the company – which is ultimately the tasks that create the best customer experience as well as increased revenue.

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Increase productivity

With data and system integrations, a simpler and automatic navigation between business systems and data exchange is created. With the help of integrations, you and your employees will experience increased productivity and efficiency.

No bookkeeping errors

By integrating your data and systems, you can save 90% of the time spent on bookkeeping. And also, a data and system integration keeps your books as accurate as possible, saving you the trouble of manually correcting any errors.

Greater data analysis

Data and system integrations allow you to better manage and analyze your data. Data is an important factor in most companies and when analyzed optimally, it is a sure way to an easier and more efficient everyday life.

Most trading companies and wholesalers spend a fortune on brochures. In some cases this can even amount to DKK 100,000 every quarter or every six months. This is both expensive and difficult! Equip your salespeople and customers with an app to give them up-to-date prices, pictures, descriptions, and stock status.

Our KOEBT app is developed especially for salespeople and distributors. Layout, logo, and colors are adjusted to your needs and all data will be collected from your ERP system.

The app works with most large economic systems, such as e-conomic, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and Microsoft Dynamics C5.

We have developed a standard webshop that can be used with KOEBT. So if you do not already have a webshop, you can purchase a KOEBT webshop that works with many of the large economic systems, such as e-conomic , Microsoft Dynamics AX , Microsoft Dynamics NAV , and Microsoft Dynamics C5.

The webshop works for both B2B and B2C and if needed, a customer service center can be added.

One of the greatest issues with integration projects is system downtime. What do you do if your ERP system is down a couple of hours? With KOEBT, we have developed a dashboard to provide you with an overview and a report of various systems’ potential downtime. Also, KOEBT ensures that all other systems continuously perform as the system automatically saves a backup of all the most recent data. So no reason to panic if your ERP system is down for a couple of hours due to updates.

With KOEBT, you are ensured system uptime on all your sales channels – even if your ERP system is down.

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Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management