What exactly is KOEBT?

KOEBT is an integration engine that transfers data from one system to another. It handles all tasks involved in integrating different systems and platforms seamlessly and without any human involvement, after being configured.
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An example would be integration between a website (e-commerce or a CMS) and an ERP (enterprise resource planning). When purchasing an item, the customer’s data and the order details are transferred from the website to the integrated ERP. At the same time, the store stock is also updated – from ERP to the website, so the data shown at the webstore is always updated and correct. All data transformations are being sent back and forth through KOEBT as necessary.

Automating such information transactions simplifies processes and ensures the highest accuracy possible. By connecting systems, the days of copying information from one system to another are over.

  • Minimizes human errors.
  • Saves time and resources.
  • Does not require any system changes.
  • Speeding up processes.
  • Improves levels of service and efficiency.
  • Automates processes to ensure accuracy without extra hours.
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As KOEBT works in the background and allows multiple systems to be connected, the specific needs of each company are reviewed thoroughly. Whether the specific systems to be integrated are already in use or not, we will assist you with building the best possible integration system, so your operation can run almost effortlessly.



The final step for the integration engine


Once the integrations are in place, KOEBT will make sure to send the right data, to the right systems, at the right time so the daily workflow is eased and made efficient.

As KOEBT is Twentyfour’s own integration engine, the team behind KOEBT is the same dedicated and hard-working team. There are more than 35 talented employees dedicated to digitalization working towards a common goal, which is satisfied customers and great user experience.

What motivates the team is their passion for developing, integrating and maintaining complex systems and websites. Moreover, the team always delivers outstanding results, impressing the customers and the customers’ customers.

See here the customer cases.

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Are you interested in KOEBT and its functions? Do you want to find out more about how your company can benefit from integrating systems with KOEBT? We are always ready to help with figure out what can create the most value for you, your company, and your customers. So, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management