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Why integrate Sitecore with KOEBT?

Sitecore CMS is user-friendly and an easy to work platform for editors. With the platform, you get a strong foundation for personalization, building customer relationships with qualified data connections and marketing automation. We have for many years worked with the Microsoft Framework .NET, which Sitecore is made on. This provides us with really good conditions for developing integrations, specifically to your needs.

What is Sitecore?

Sitecore started as a CMS (Content management system), but has since expanded to a comprehensive system with product catalogs and a focus on the entire customer experience: Ecommerce, personalization, email marketing, machine learning, analytics and much more. It is of course still wrapped around the CMS and the website. Sitecore’s strength is that it is a total software solution that can be expanded and rebuilt into a living organization in growth. This software is based on Microsoft’s .NET and can be easily scaled. We at KOEBT have many years of experience in developing and making integrations with Sitecore.

With Sitecore 9.0, it will also be possible to use artificial intelligence (AI) and to a greater extent gather all customer data in one place and reap the benefits thereof.

Who uses Sitecore?

Since its establishment in Denmark in 2001, Sitecore has grown into a successful global software company with many larger Danish companies and even more international companies. The typical customer of this platform is a large company, public institution, municipality, or organization that wants to take advantage of the possibilities of having a single platform for administration of everything from content and communication to commerce and data.

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Which systems can you integrate Sitecore with?

Since Sitecore is based on Microsoft’s .net technology, there is relatively easy integration with SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Active Directory, etc. In addition, we can integrate with PIM, NAV and many others.

Why use Sitecore?

Sitecore offers a framework and a set of platforms that meet today’s demands from consumers, so you have the opportunity to communicate the right content to the right person, in the right place and at the right time – all based on insight into the individual visitor’s past digital actions.


  • Sitecore is built as one platform with one interface that you work in – making it less complex and more user-friendly
  • It’s simple to work in for editors, so it does not require expensive consulting hours to maintain your Sitecore site
  • Multi-site development and content sharing – For larger companies with many different brand sites, this is worth its weight in gold: the ability to manage and share content across sites, intranets, extranets, portals, etc.
  • With Sitecore you get a fixed roadmap, constant development of the platform, support / helpline etc., the opportunity for training / education and certification, etc.
  • Has standard APIs / integration to a number of other systems, such as most common CRM systems.
  • Has a large network of certified partners
  • Sitecore has a built-in module for online marketing, which helps to optimize the website from a digital marketing perspective. As an editor, you can optimize your content and SEO in the editor and at the same time play with user profiling, A / B split tests, Analytics, email marketing, etc. In addition, pre-built components for wikis, surveys, polls, forums, etc.

How do you set-up Sitecore?

In Sitecore, you work with a division into “Content Editing” and “Page Editing”, respectively. In content editing, you create your pages, save and edit the basic content. And then you add the more visual content in the form of Slideshows, image spots etc. in the Page Editor.

In KOEBT, we help with the entire setup and integrations, so you are running well from the start.

How does Sitecore work with KOEBT?

KOEBT works in the background and makes it possible to connect several systems. Whether the specific systems to be integrated are already in use or not, we help you build the best possible integration system so that your operation can run almost effortlessly. Once the integrations are in place, KOEBT makes sure to send the right data to the right systems at the right time, so that the daily workflow is facilitated and streamlined.

Typical projects we automate with KOEBT:

  • Posting sales from webshop directly in ERP / bookkeeping system
  • Creating customers in ERP or CRM automatically
  • Monitoring of uptime / downtime on systems
  • Creating users on websites
  • Email marketing systems
  • Interconnection of member systems and website, CRM and / or customer login
  • Digital self-service for a multitude of purposes (reporting, downloading bills, ordering goods, etc.)

Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management