An overview of all projects

We have integrated Basecamp into our daily operations. We love how it provides us with a much better overview of the entire organization’s projects. We have become much more efficient and productive, as well as better organized in our daily tasks. We communicate better throughout the entire organization, as well as with our clients. Basecamp helps us minimize meetings, as everything is uploaded, written, and discussed on the Basecamp platform.

Why integrate Basecamp with KOEBT?

As Basecamp offers a range of features, it is a clear choice to integrate it with other systems in your organization or company. Whether it’s internal or external systems, Basecamp integrations provide a good opportunity to increase efficiency and overview of all projects – regardless of the number of participants.

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What Basecamp is and how it works

Basecamp is an online program, perfect for collaboration, project management, event coordination and daily management of tasks. It is suitable for teams of all sizes, from small and medium-sized companies to large organizations. The program allows you to chat, write messages, and provides a clear overview of upcoming tasks and events in a calendar.

Basecamp uses a simple visual interface to help individuals and teams manage their shared or personal projects, tasks, as well as to track the project’s progress. Within each team member’s Basecamp account, a dashboard provides an overview of all tasks, messages, discussions, tasks, files, text documents, and events.

The permission based viewing system is present so that admins can choose which team members and/or clients they want to collaborate each project with. Directly on the bulletin board, there are tools that can be used to send messages, hold discussions, organize events or meetings, share files and emails and handle tasks.

The most used basic-functions include:

  • Message boards: Keep the whole conversation together on a single page, giving all projects a more organized structure
  • To-do lists: Create to-do lists for all the work you or your team need, assign tasks to specific people and set due dates
  • Schedule: Each project in Basecamp contains a schedule. The schedule shows all to-do’s and events for each project, so that everyone involved can see
  • Documents and files: Each project can share documents, files, photos, and more. Everyone on your team as well as potential clients on the project have access
  • Group chat: Basecamp’s real-time group chat allows you to ask questions and get quick answers. All without the use of a separate app.
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Who uses Basecamp?

In 2020, there are over 3,3 million users on Basecamp in over 180 countries. The platform is used by freelancers and small businesses as well as teams in big international organizations – all to communicate with one another about ongoing projects, tasks, manage deadlines and telework. Basecamp Personal is free, and available for personal project management, students, freelancers, and families. For many mid-sized companies and corporations, Basecamp provides a possibility to add an unlimited number of users. A flexibility that would often be an additional cost with another service provider.

Which systems do you integrate with Basecamp? 

Since Basecamp merged with Campfire, The Basecamp platform has grown to become one of the most versatile projects management tools today. While it is a popular tool, it can not do everything. Fortunately, it has plenty of integrations to handle it and increase its functionality. We have listed four (out of many more) integrations that can help you further:

  • Monitor time consumption
  • Automate tasks
  • Management system for suggestions
  • Create charts and graphical tasks

But there’s so much more

Here you can an overview of just some of the basic plug-ins you can find for Basecamp, but with KOEBT, we can make integrations no matter which systems you use currently, such as  CRM, ERP, Gmail, Salesforce, and more. We still haven’t found a system we could not integrate with, and are always up for the challenge.

Why do you use Basecamp?

With Basecamp, you get a wide range of functions that help most people in their daily operations. If you work with large complex projects, or as a student need to organize your everyday life, then Basecamp will be the supporting, helping hand. Basecamp is an excellent online hub for teamwork. It is flexible, reasonably priced and integrates with a wide range of other services. It is much more than just a tool for project management. Integrations such as Dropbox, Slack and Gmail will make it easier to store all your conversations and files in one place – which means you can focus on your tasks and streamline your work.

How does Basecamp work with KOEBT?

KOEBT works in the background and makes it possible to connect several systems, with specific needs of the individual companies thoroughly reviewed. Whether the specific systems to be integrated are already in use or not, we help you build the best possible integration system so that your operation can run almost effortlessly.

Once the integrations are in place, KOEBT makes sure to send the right data to the right systems at the right time, so that the daily workflow is facilitated and streamlined.

Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management