Why integrate Dynamics C5 with KOEBT?

Compared with Dynamics NAV, C5 is the right solution for small and medium-sized companies that need a clear accounting program as it as a smaller version of the NAV integration. With C5, KOEBT can integrate with your accounting software and your other enterprise systems – no matter how many users you want or the size of your business.

What is Dynamics C5?

Microsoft Dynamics C5 is a financial software (ERP-system), specially developed for smaller businesses and enterprises. The system is simple and set up in a clear way to make it easy to work with and help with the replacement of your excel sheets in no time. The software is used by financial departments, supply chain logistics, project management, data analysers, to name a few. Dynamics C5 is a part of the Microsoft Dynamics package, and can easily collaborate with other programs and softwares within your organization. A new version of Dynamics C5 can also be found online with more functions and solutions through a cloud based solution. Your business pays only for the users and modules needed, with the option to continuously expand as the business grows.

Who uses Dynamics C5?

The software program has been purchased by more than 85,000 businesses in various industries, making it the market leading accounting program in Denmark for smaller companies. C5 is the right solution for many companies in Denmark as it is very versatile and user-friendly.

Which systems can be integrated with Dynamics C5?

We are currently working with various systems and have delivered integrations for WordPress, Umbraco, Magento, Dynamicweb, and several systems, both Danish and international. 

More specifically, this is the process of exchanging data between the webshop and C5, so that invoices, debtors, products, and prices are synchronized automatically between the two. This means that you can focus on your business and key figures without having to spend time on manual updates.

Why use Dynamics C5?

With C5, you get a simple and solid software program to administrate and manage your company’s financial accounts. You can easily manage your bookkeeping and invoicing and send invoices electronically to your customers directly from the C5 accounting software. Paperless transactions for a more sustainable future, a system that optimizes the internal process around order receipts. 

The advantages are many:

  • Optimizes the internal process
  • Faster dispatch of customers
  • Automatic and correct data and key figures in the financial system/C5
  • Cheaper bookkeeping due to lower administration costs
  • Fewer risk of ‘human errors’ such as forgetting an invoice or order
  • Automatic creation of debtors

Who sells Dynamics C5?

Dynamics C5 can be bought directly from Microsoft or through a partner. Microsoft distributes official certificates to their partners, and there are a number of Danish corporations with a Silver- or Gold partnership. 

We can help you find the right solution. Contact us below for more information!

A transition to 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a more modern solution and can, by default, operate better than any Dynamics C5 systems. The increased demands on security, cloud based operating systems, and usability are just some of the elements that made focusing on Dynamics 365 Business Central easy for Microsoft.

How does Dynamics C5 work with KOEBT?

KOEBT handles all tasks involved with integrating different systems and platforms seamlessly, and without human involvement, after configuration. The automatization of information transactions simplifies any process and ensures the highest possible accuracy at all times. 

KOEBT has for many years helped companies of all sizes. We specialize in Microsoft Dynamics integrations and guarantee to help you get started.

Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management