Why integrate Dynamicweb with KOEBT?

KOBT has been working with Dynamicweb CMS from the very beginning. Dynamicweb can gather your digital tools and data, such as Content Management, E-commerce solutions, marketing, integration frameworks, etc., which is also why it is such a popular CMS. The platform has an open integration framework that allows you to integrate the system with other business systems. It optimizes efficiency and lets you gather all your data in one place and on one platform.

What is Dynamicweb?

Dynamicweb is an all-in-one CMS, from which you can efficiently and easily update your website, webshop, create and send out email marketing, and much more. Dynamicweb integrates with external data sources, such as ERP or CRM. In this way, you effectively keep your information updated across platforms. With integrations, you can also deliver personalized and relevant content to customers, which can directly increase your conversion rate. You can get far without spending a ton of resources. For example, with a standard Navision integration or one of Dynamicweb’s other integration options.

What are Dynamicweb’s benefits?

  • Scalable platform – including CMS, webshop, online marketing, integrations, and PIM – all in one system
  • Freedom of design – adapted to your brand and needs
  • Online marketing – integrated email marketing with access to pages, customers, orders, content, and products. Triggered automated email flows (in case the user leaves the site without making a purchase).
  • Integration framework – MS Dynamics package, Microsoft CRM and other backend systems. Integrates easily with external systems such as ERP, product feeds, payment gateways, and shipping systems
  • Conversion optimization – lead generation, personalization, loyalty program, and A/B split tests.
  • Segmentation tool – advanced cross-platform segmentation tool
  • SEO optimization – built-in optimization directly in Dynamicweb with custom URL
  • Multiple languages ​​and websites in one solution – ease of use is paramount and makes it easy to create content both in the backend and directly on the website. 
  • WYSIWYG editor and front-end editing directly on the page

Split Tests

With Dynamicweb, you can easily perform Split Tests, where you set up two versions of your content, so you can continuously check which elements of your digital marketing efforts work – and which don’t. It can be anything from headlines and colors of e.g. buttons for overall campaign messages. Derived from that, you can constantly develop and refine the elements that convert best and make educated decisions.

Who uses Dynamicweb?

Our passion for code has led to some really interesting projects. Among other things, we have developed large systems for F&H of Scandinavia and GA-Import A/S, and developed several projects and worked with customers across different industries. We have developed integrations for companies such as:

  • CRM-integration for DR Koncerthuset
  • Data integration for HOD
  • API-integration for L’Oréal Redken
  • Uni-login of Facebook-integration for Finans Danmark

Which systems can Dynamicweb integrate with?

Dynamicweb Integration Framework makes it easy to integrate with other systems. It includes standard integrations with Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM and other back office systems. If you have a B2B or B2C webshop, Dynamicweb can integrate with the financial system or ERP you use, and thus get data on orders, order history, stock status, prices, payments, shipments, customer data, etc. You save time, eliminate sources of error and increase your overall efficiency.

With Dynamicweb, you can also keep track of your digital marketing and provide customers with personalized content such as prices, currency, recommendation of relevant products based on their interaction, etc. It gives them more relevant content like promotions, emails, and offers, increasing the likelihood of sales.

Whether you need a standard integration between Dynamicweb and ERP systems such as Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX, SAP or similar systems or platforms, our team can help you through robust integration solutions.

Why use Dynamicweb?

The advantages of using Dynamicweb in short: 

  • All-in-one business platform
  • Standard functionalities that help you get started quickly – e.g. with e-commerce
  • Large selection of additional modules that are ready to build on
  • Integration with the underlying business systems – really good integration!
  • Good for language versions as well as handling multiple websites in the same solution

Who sells Dynamicweb?

The software is sold via approx. 250 certified partners. If you are interested in a KOEBT integration, we will help you get started quickly. We have helped many with integrations and development from scratch, updates, or maintenance. We focus on your brand and company so we can develop the solution that best fits your needs and criteria.

How does Dynamicweb integrate with KOEBT?

We focus on your overall business strategy, business goals, your customers, resources, and processes – and bring this knowledge to life. We do this by optimizing your digital business and creating web solutions that are fully integrated with ERP/PIM, digital marketing, communications, and design.

Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management