Why integrate SAP with KOEBT?

SAP is undoubtedly one of the biggest systems on the market, in terms of enterprise ERP, Data and CRM systems. Their systems are used by large companies worldwide. In fact, there are more than 335,000 customers in 190 countries using SAP – 80% of whom are medium or large companies.

However, SAP’s systems do not communicate with various web apps and webshops per. automation. Therefore, several parts of the information exchange take place manually and that takes time. This is where our expertise in integration comes into play.

What is SAP?

SAP is a German software company, headquartered in the city of Waldorf. SAP stands in German for Systeme, Anwendungen und Produkte. SAP develops IT systems that are generally used to streamline, improve, and systematize companies’ internal processes within a multitude of areas. Finance and inventory management, purchasing and much more. This is what is called ERP – or Enterprise Resource Management.

The product portfolio is constantly being developed, and today there are solutions for around 25 different industries. Common to all solutions is that they can be completely adapted to the individual company’s specific needs and routines. If a company chooses SAP, it achieves a unique IT solution with lots of options and an extremely high scalability, to say the least.

Who uses SAP?

More than 335,000 companies in about 190 countries worldwide use SAP. In Denmark, SAP’s largest customers include SAS, Danfoss, Foss, Lego, Toms, B&O, the Armed Forces, ISS, Post Danmark, DONG, DSB, Grundfoss, the Danish Rail Agency, CPH, Jysk, Dansk Supermarked and SKAT.In addition, there are a large number of other public and private companies.
There is a big difference in what the individual company uses SAP for. It can be anything from store optimization, operation and logistics in hospitals, invoicing and sales registration in a private company to comprehensive personnel management and HR solutions. If you are in doubt about whether an ERP or CRM system from SAP is right for your company, you can read more here.

Which systems do you integrate SAP with? 

At KOEBT, we perform integration between your website, web app, webshop and all SAP’s systems. Whether you and your company use SAP Business One, ByDesign, HANA or one of the many other SAP systems, we can get them communicating together.

Among other things, we develop websites and webshops from scratch, with your favorite CMS system, and of course make sure that your new site is fully integrated with your SAP system. Your website will thus always be up-to-date with customer information and the products’ stock status, prices, offers, etc. We also perform integrations on existing sites.

Why use SAP?

With a tailored integration, the web solution and SAP merge. It gives you and your customers a tool that can optimize several links in your company’s value chain, as well as create closer relationships with your customers.

Advantages of a SAP integration:

  • Automated and efficient processes
  • Overview of all resources
  • Complete corporate governance
  • Minimizes errors in all processes and joints
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Great flexibility and scalability

How do you set-up SAP? 

When buying the system, one primarily has four Når man køber systemet, har man primært fire challenges:

  • The system must be correctly installed and technically set up.
  • The customer’s business processes must be adapted to SAP’s best practice processes.
  • The system must be adapted either via customization or coding, of course incl. conversion of data from other systems and interfaces.
  • The system must then be operated, optimized and of course at an appropriate time upgraded to the next version.

Installation and setup. This requires that you are technically minded, have insight into / understanding of hardware, operating systems and databases. In large companies, this is often divided into different departments. In addition to this, you should have completed a number of SAP basic courses, preferably completed with an SAP certification.

How does SAP function with KOEBT?

We offer SAP integration solutions to suit your specific business needs. At KOEBT, we specialize in data integration, and have several years of experience in digitizing manual processes and integrating business-critical systems. We have previously worked closely with third parties such as NETS, NetCompany and ONE Prediction to always provide the best solution to our customers.

We have for many years helped companies and organizations with integrations.

Reasons to integrate your systems:

  • Optimizes your processes
  • Automates manual processes
  • Shares information across departments
  • Improves performance and saves time
  • Delivers consistent data
  • Reduces customer service response time
  • Minimize duplication of work and administrative work after integration
  • Replace prehistoric technology
  • Good investment – the investment, when fully integrated to your IT pays off


No company has exactly the same setup. There are thousands of combinations with the use of CMS, ERP, CSM and computer systems. Therefore, a workshop is typically held where we together find the solution that best suits you and your company. We have not yet been given an integration task that we have not been able to solve.

Among other things, we have made major integrations for companies such as Nupo, Mond of Copenhagen, Løwener and many more.

Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management