Why integrate e-conomic with KOEBT?

Many companies deal with clumsy manual processes everyday, where data must be transferred between systems via manual entry, copy-paste, Excel sheets, and the like. Often, a lot of administrative work can be saved by automating these transfers so your employees can deal with more inspiring and value-creating tasks. We are an official e-conomic development partners. Integrations connect key parts of your company’s business-critical systems and ensure optimal effect from your systems.

What is e-conomic?

e-conomic is an online cloud based accounting system sold by the Norwegian Visma E-conomic Aps. Today, the software is the leading online accounting software in Denmark – and the favorite of the accountant. With an online system, it can easily be accessed from mobile devices, updated data anywhere is guaranteed, and it is easy to share accounts with the accountant.

e-conomic has three levels of features depending on the chosen subscription, making the program highly scalable. The different subscription types are called Core Features, Advanced Features, and Additional Features (add-ons), respectively. When it comes to expanding the functionality of e-conomic, there are more than 250 apps and add-ons. Many are developed by official e-conomic partners and work smoothly with integrations with other IT systems; external, internal, and custom-built.

The software can be used for:

  • Invoices and sales
  • Budget and reports
  • Document management
  • Finance and bookkeeping
  • VAT accounts
  • Orders, offers, and reminders
  • Process automation

Who uses e-conomic?

There are more than 140,000 companies in Denmark that use e-conomic. It is used by both small and large companies in many industries – from startups to large corporations. We have long worked with e-conomic integrations. More and more companies are embracing integration solutions – because the solutions pay off. We have developed large integration solutions for Danske Vandværker, GA-Import A/S, F&H of Scandinavia, Slagter Lund, and many more.

Which systems can e-conomic be integrated with?

Through KOEBT, we can make a e-conomic integration to your existing systems, whether internal or external. e-conomic integrations merge key parts of your company’s business-critical systems and ensure that all your systems run synchronously, completely automatically, and without human intervention. WorkBook, Pleo, Dynamics 365 Business Central, C5/Navision, GLS, PowerOffice GO and AutoTask. These are just some of the systems we have built integrations for. We have not yet found two systems we could not integrate. KOEBT delivers integrations between webshops and e-conomic, including  PrestaShop, Dynamicweb eCommerce, Umbraco, WordPress, Magento, as well as specially developed webshops.

Why use e-conomic?

E-conomic is more than an accounting program. With smart apps and extensions, you can make an e-conomic integration with the company’s other administrative systems, thus streamlining and automating many manual workflows.

Buying e-conomic?

The price of your e-conomic subscription depends on which features your business needs. It is easy to expand the functionality with integrations and plug-ins, which make the software ideal for growing companies or with industry-specific criteria. You can get a 14-day trial period and otherwise the prices will be as follows: Startup SEK 119 / month, Small business SEK 189 / month, Professional SEK 359 / month.

How does e-conomic work with KOEBT?

Our focus points for a typical e-conomic integration:

  • Let all systems run as automatically as possible
  • Minimize wasted time
  • Minimize human error
  • Outsource bookkeeping for automatic bookkeeping
  • Outsource administration for automatic administration
  • Site, warehouse, customer, and finance systems must always be automatically updated/synchronized

KOEBT and typical customers

KOEBT works in the background and makes it possible to connect multiple systems. The specific needs of the individual companies are thoroughly reviewed and regardless of whether the specific systems to be integrated are already being used or not, we help you build the best possible integration system so that your operation can run almost effortlessly. Once the integrations are in place, KOEBT makes sure to send the right data to the correct systems at the right time, so that the daily workflow is facilitated and streamlined.

Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management