Centralforeningen for Stampersonel, or CS, is a Danish union for both civilians and army employees in the Danish Defense. The union is dealing with work conditions, salary negotiations, and veteran rights and accompanies its members through the different stages of life.

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CS needed an user-friendly and responsive website that is easy to manage for its end-users. The union also requested an easy way for members to log in online, and access, as well as edit their data associated with the union. The union puts emphasis on high security to secure its members’ information and ensure an intuitive communication channel that will encourage higher involvement and credibility.


Twentyfour: the right choice

As Twentyfour have had previous experience working with unions, our team of developers was selected to develop a strategy that would result in simple and seamless user experience for CS’s members, even when changing information in multiple systems.


CS had requested the following specific features:

  • Optimization of internal processes.
  • Structured, responsive, and modern website.
  • High security.
  • User-friendly experience.
  • Web-interface that would connect with legacy member-platforms with information about each member of the organization.
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KOEBT integrating WORDPRESS and NEMID with Modulus system

In order to ensure security, direct integration between the new online interface and the legacy member management system, Twentyfour built a brand new website and integrated it, together with NemID identification login into the integration engine, KOEBT.  Twentyfour then connected the union’s current systems with KOEBT in order for all the systems to communicate with each other.  By using KOEBT, CS is ensuring accuracy, minimal human errors, and reduction of costs.

CS’s website is used by all its members and its NemID login allows them to perform highly sensitive tasks as special requests, applications for grants, updating personal information, and much more in an easy and straightforward manner. All of which are integrated directly to the other IT-systems helping CS run their organization.

CS had gained automation of processes, and reduction of time and human errors. Since the site was launched, a higher degree of customer satisfaction was observed and a lower degree of human errors and admin hours were noted.


CS had chosen Twentyfour to perform this challenge upon their previous experience with other unions. Twentyfour was pleased to satisfy CS’ wishes.

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Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management