BUPL is a Danish trade union representing employees in the education fields, mainly kindergarten teachers and supporting staff.

The organization is well known for its embracing attitude towards its members’ opinions and wishes and has done well to fulfill them in return.


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BUPL was in need of an extensive change of its system and system integrations to match their desired level of service. This allows their members to safely log in and manage their information, submit applications, and communicate with BUPL offices.

As the union deals with big and sensitive data to be used in different platforms and manners, keeping high security and reliability was important.

While the technical requirements were paramount, the interface had to be user friendly and convey BUPL’s mindset and values.

To comply with their requests, the chosen solution was a brand new website based on WordPress along with system integrations of NemID login and Modulus. This was done through the integration engine KOEBT.

NemID allows secure access to one’s information and personal data. Modulus, to reduce processing time, streamlines BUPL’s internal processes and ensures uniformed data.


Twentyfour and KOEBT

Not only does KOEBT transfer information between the different systems, but it also minimizes human errors and saves on resources, all while requiring minimal effort to implement. In addition, BUPL needed a new website with improved user experience and improved representation of its values while providing the users with an intuitive, user-friendly interface. For optimal results, BUPL chose Twentyfour to put their vision into action.

KOEBT integrates WORDPRESS and NEMID with Modulus
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To make sure BUPL receives exactly what they wished for, Twentyfour created a list of deliverables describing exactly the task for an optimal outcome. This structured method is one of Twentyfour’s ways to ensure that communication and collaboration are in place and served. Thus, the goals are defined and become easier to reach.


Deliverables for BUPL

  • Responsive website modifying the design according to the device it is viewed on.
  • Integrating Modulus system to reduce processing time, ensure uniformed data, and ease the workflow within the union. This feature is especially used by unions and is known to become an essential part of any operation within the unions.
  • Integrate NemID identification and security system to provide users with the highest protection to their private information.
  • Simplify user experience – by building an easy to navigate website with one login instead of many.


Twentyfour had worked closely with BUPL until receiving the desired result. As the project had many different elements and had to be under many different regulations, the project developed and grew with time.

Today, BUPL has a website that both serves the organization as a window to its operation and public image, and as their major communication channel for the union’s members. Through the website, members can safely feed and receive information, advice with the union, and make special requests. By providing a better communication channel, the union had become even more significant to its members than ever before.


BUPL’s specific needs together with Twentyfour’s knowledge in system integrations and dedication had created a modern, easy to use, and satisfying interface for both the organization and its members. Twentyfour’s competencies had been put to use in this great challenge and had taught our staff members even more about the union’s needs and values.

Image of BUPL logo

Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management