Apotekeren - client case

Apotekeren is a Danish online pharmacy selling off-the-shelf medicine, prescribed medicine, skincare products, and nutritional supplements. All these products can be purchased online and delivered to the customer’s door the next day.

Denmark moves forward and transforms its public services to be available online. A wish to make pharmacies’ services accessible online rose, especially for those who cannot leave their house or are simply too busy to visit physical pharmacies within business hours. Along with the wish to serve the public in this manner, personal health information is highly sensitive and should be treated with the utmost care and discretion.



Image with customer looking at skincare products

Maintaining the highest possible level of security to one’s information, along with real-time updates of medicine stock and an easy flow of information between different systems was the expressed aspiration by the client. Automation of these systems was the highest priority for the purpose of a reduction of manual processes and user-friendly interface. To do so, integration between the systems was needed.

That means the new system should be able to receive information from the existing health records, transfer it accurately and immediately to apotekeren.dk systems. Also, it has to be available for the staff in the pharmacy, the individual, and the relevant general physician, all in real-time.

This complex request was assigned to Twentyfour to solve. It required some changes and modifications along with it, to keep up with the appropriate standards of security, user experience, and above all, simplicity for the user.


Twentyfour & KOEBT

As the project involves integration with many different platforms and systems, the obvious choice for support was KOEBT, Twentyfour’s own integration platform. KOEBT automates processes and transformes information by eliminating human errors as they can be a crucial factor when dealing with data transfer involving medicine. KOEBT allows bits of information to flow safely and immediately between the different programs it supports. In Apotekeren’s case, KOEBT had a major role – offering integration between content management systems, NemID identification, NNIT prescriptions’ services, and stock systems as Nomeco and TMJ, for a wholesome and easy solution.

Image of systems integrated by KOEBT
Image from Unsplash of multiple colored pills

Twentyfour answered the needs of both medical staff and private individuals. With identification and stock management systems on one hand and a website for orders and purchases on the other hand, Twentyfour’s solution is wholesome and useful to everyone involved.


Functions and features

Here are some of the functions and features created for Apotekeren:

  • Ordering made easy for prescribed medicine and off-the-shelf medicine.
  • NemID integration for extra identity validation and highest security of information.
  • Stocks and availability of medicine updates.
  • Centralized information channel for clients, pharmacy employees, and the different medicine stock platforms.

Since the launch of the new website and integrations, Apotekeren’s service improved significantly and workflow is made easier. By launching these platforms, Apotekeren makes sure to supply the Danish people with the best possible access to their medicine purchasing method.


Twentyfour’s abilities and integration skills are expressed with this elaborate solution, to provide both Apotekeren and the Danish population with easier access to medication and better customer service and workflow.

Image from Unsplash with a female doctor from the National Cancer Institute

Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management