Why integrate Pipedrive with KOEBT?

When you integrate/connect your CRM (e.g. SAP or Dynamicweb) with your ERP, webshop, or similiar, data transformation between systems is completely automatic. This ensures consistent results, provides a more effective workflow, and frees huge resources.

Integration advantages: 

  • Create automatic replies throughout your systems, so that adding leads, communicating with customers, and closing quotes in your CRM is registered in your ERP system. 
  • Get access to information from several systems, no matter which one you are connected to. 
  • Improve efficiency of internal communication with easy information transformation between sales and completion.
  • Give your financial team a real-time overview of your sales pipeline. 
  • Improve accuracy of offers provided by your sales representatives by giving them access to precise and updated information on stock and costs in your ERP.  
  • Avoid identical reports in different teams by making data accessible in systems used by different teams.
  • Make sure your financial prognoses are more accurate than ever before by giving your sales team access to relevant financial information stored in your ERP.
  • Assist your sales team in being as cost-effective as possible by providing them with data on the sales process effectiveness from your ERP. 

What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a sales oriented CRM system that includes both mobile and web solutions. Pipedrive makes it easier for small and medium sized businesses to control sales channels and close more deals. That means a simple interface that allows users to add information and administrate offers almost immediately. It is a scalable system that makes your business ready for new challenges.

A few of Pipedrive features: 

  • Connect your inbox and track emails. 
  • Emails templates. 
  • Track your tasks: Who should you call? Who needs a follow up?
  • Get an easy overview of your pipeline and create reports and analyses on your sales efforts. 
  • Sales workflow automation for your basic needs. For example, giving offers or creating new profiles. 

Who uses Pipedrive? 

It can be challenging for small and medium sized companies to find a simple, coherent, and user-friendly CRM system. Pipedrive CRM answers that exact need. Today, over 90,000 businesses all over the world use Pipedrive. 

Why use Pipedrive?

From an internal perspective, a CRM can help sales representatives with automating their sales activities, while management can follow their teams’ performance. With a CRM system, it is easy to know when to make sales promotions, what to say, and when to say it. Pipedrive is driven via a single streamlined view of your sales process, which streamlines your employees’ work and makes customer relationships more manageable and easier to handle.

Who sells Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is available in four pricing plans for businesses. All payment plans offer a free trial period of 14 days, and allow you to use the app for free for 2 months. We can help you find the right solution. Contact us in the form below. 

How does Pipedrive work with KOEBT?

When Pipedrive integration is in place, KOEBT makes sure to send the right pieces of data to the right systems at the right time, so the daily workflow is eased and made efficient.

KOEBT handles all tasks involved in integrating different systems and platforms seamlessly, and without human involvement, after configuration. Integrating Pipedrive with KOEBT gives your company the optimal conditions for increased sales efficiency and ultimately, greater revenue.

Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management