Why integrate Pakkelabels with KOEBT?

With an integration solution, your order information is automatically imported into Pakkelabels/Shipmondo, and you can easily and quickly mass-create parcel labels for your shipments. If you have a webshop, you have the option of activating plugins so that your customers can choose delivery location/parcel shop at checkout on your webshop. We also help automate bookkeeping of your sales in your accounting system.

What is Pakkelabels?

Pakkelabels is a complete shipping solution that handles your company’s challenges regarding shipping and shipments. The solution is modern and offers good opportunities for your business to grow. Shipping has for several years, both nationally and internationally, been a big part of people’s everyday life and Pakkelabels is the smart solution that makes it a little easier. Pakkelabels supports Bring, DAO, GLS, PostNord, and Swipbox.


  • Mass purchases and bulk printing
  • CSV import
  • Automatic printing
  • Detailed statistics and reports
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Option to use your own freight agreements
  • Personalized messages to recipients
  • API – exactly the way you want it
  • Easy return with Return Portal
  • Smarter tracking of packages
  • Intelligent address book

Who uses Pakkelabels?

Pakkelabels can be used by companies of all sizes. Simply create a free account and be ready to order your first shipment. There are many different options available, depending on your needs regarding own freight agreements, delivery abroad, and more.

Pakkelabels becomes Shipmondo

The company was founded in 2014 under the name Pakkelabels.dk. After 3 years, the company had rounded 15,000 corporate customers and became the largest freight booking platform in Denmark. In May 2019, they changed the name from Pakkelabels.dk to Shipmondo and launched Shipmondo.com.

Which systems do you integrate Shipmondo with?

At KOEBT, we have many years of experience with integrations of different and complex systems. Shipmondo is one of the many systems that we have extensive experience integrating with.

If your company wants to integrate Shipmondo together with your order management system, webshop, or Shopify, for example, then this is exactly what KOEBT can help you with. By integrating Shipmondo with, e.g., your order management system, your company can get a full overview of all your orders and much more.

Why use Shipmondo?

There are many advantages to using Shipmondo:

  • Save time and money – no matter the size of your business, the solution can meet your needs.
  • No subscription – Shipmondo has no monthly subscription or hidden fees. It is settled with a fixed low price per label and you only pay for your consumption.
  • Integration – there are many options for good integration which can make everything a little easier.

How does Shipmondo work with KOEBT?

By integrating with KOEBT, your orders from your webshop are automatically transferred to Shipmondo.com. Thus, saving you time on manual work to gain a more efficient workflow.

Typical KOEBT customers and integrations

An example of this would be an integration between a website (e-commerce or a CMS) and an ERP (enterprise resource planning). When purchasing an item, the customer’s data and order information are transferred from the website to the integrated ERP. At the same time, the inventory is also updated – from ERP to the website, so that the data displayed in the webshop is always updated and correct.

Automating such information transactions simplifies processes and ensures the highest possible accuracy. By connecting systems, you never have to copy information from one system to another.

Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management