Why integrate FMK/CMC with KOEBT?

With KOEBT integrations, processes that were previously manual and time-consuming, are now automated. Integrations minimize errors and increase security, which is incredibly important when creating integrations with FMK/CMK as personal sensitive data is core.

What is FMK/CMC?

Fælles Medicinkort/Common Medicine Card (FMK/CMC) is a centralized database for the Danish Health and Medicine Authority. It contains information about all Danish citizens’ electronic medication purchases over the last two years as well as an updated list of the citizens’ current doctor’s prescriptions. FMK/CMC contains a front-end access for citizens, www.sundhed.dk, as well as a back-end access for health professionals, primarily accessed through the integrations of local IT systems with FMK/CMC. It is also accessible through a browser solution, www.fmk-online.dk.

National Health IT (NSI)  is responsible for the solution, development, and operation.

Who uses FMK/CMC?

FMK/CMC is targeted towards healthcare professionals, who access FMK/CMC through local IT systems and or browser solutions, FMK-online.dk. Citizens can also view their own medical data on FMK/CMC via sundhed.dk.

Which systems can you integrate FMK/CMC with? 

We integrate FMK/CMC with systems that fit your requirement, whether it is your CMS, CRM, or ERP systems. We are always happy to accept any challenge and can proudly say that we still haven’t found two systems we could not integrate. 

Why do you use FMK/CMC?

When working on our project with Apotekeren.dk, we used FMK/CMC to make sure that it would be easy to order medicine for citizens, both off-the-shelf items and prescriptions. Using FMK/CMC integrations was a great advantage as the inventory and availability is now always completely up to date. In addition, FMK/CMC provided the opportunity to gather information about customers, medical personnel, and other stakeholders – all in one single platform.

How to set-up FMK/CMC?

There are some requirements for access – IT systems that integrate with FMK/CMC must be certified by NSI.

  • The certification is described in general terms on fmk-teknik.dk
  • The Certificate alone does, however, not provide access to FMK/CMC. In addition, an agreement must be established with NSI for the use of NSP for technical access (including security services). Network access to the Health Data Network is also needed. 
  • Access to FMK/CMC for health care professionals is based on their healthcare authorization and role. 
  • Access to FMK/CMC for citizens is limited to own medicine information and own children information, under the age of 15.

Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management