Nupo is a Danish company established in 1981. Since then, Nupo’s products (Diet, One Meal, and Slim Boost)  have been tested and approved with more than 35 clinical trials, showing and proving that Nupo’s products are safe and effective. 

They started exporting in 2010, and in 2019 they invested in a new digital system to improve their customers’ experience all around the globe.

Nupo’s main goal was to create an outstanding digital customer experience. They envisioned a new digital system that would support the digital customer experience for their loyal customers worldwide. This new system should minimize all the manual and time-consuming tasks, such as handling product information and accounting.

Twentyfour (previously known as HTML24) has undertaken this request successfully by creating and developing a responsive webshop focusing on Nupo’s products along with integration and automation of internal storage and accounting processes.

Twentyfour has developed a unique digital webshop that supports the digital customer experience for Nupo’s customers. The user-friendly CMS has made it much easier for Nupo’s employees to navigate through the new, improved webshop and have complete control over it in adding new products, images, and descriptions of products in a faster and more efficient way.

Furthermore, using our integration platform, KOEBT, Twentyfour has developed a data integration between Nupo’s WooCommerce webshop and its ERP system (Dynamics NAV). This integration handles the transfer of orders once created, from WooCommerce to Dynamics NAV, by formatting the order data in the expected structure from Dynamics NAV.

Besides, KOEBT updates stock in Nupo’s webshop based on the existing data in Dynamics NAV.

Finally, we also take care of tracking the shipping status of the orders and importing the orders’ tracking code from NAV to WooCommerce, while also handling the order status accordingly.

Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management