LOBPA is a non-profit organization that has been helping people who have disabilities since 2009. With roots in many disability organizations, LOBPA was approved in 2018 by the Danish Social Insurance Agency and fights for the Independent Living movement, which implies a free, independent, and equal life for people with disabilities. Present in 78 municipalities in Denmark, LOBPA’s 1,300 employees provide comprehensive solutions and guidance for children and adults, no matter their disability.

The services LOBPA offers include administrative and legal assistance for associations or institutions when it comes to employees with disabilities, help and support for children with extensive disabilities, and accompanying adults and/or children who have disabilities in outside activities and sports. The organization also provides a unique social community that shares past experiences but also creates new experiences together.

In order to better align with its vision and values, LOBPA needed a new user-friendly website to improve the experience for the users. The organization needed its website to be more modern with a new design and to be integrated with Nemtilmeld, so the users can see upcoming events without visiting several websites. Nemtilmeld is a user-friendly system that showcases events and activities and it has several perks. The system is flexible and automatic, allowing LOBPA to organize it in a way that would be optimal for its members.

While the technical requirements were already set, the interface had to be user-friendly and provide LOBPA a new visual identity.

To comply with LOBPA’s requirements, Twentyfour delivered a brand new user-friendly website created in WordPress and used KOEBT to integrate Nemtilmeld. By creating the website with WordPress, it makes it easier for LOPBA’s employees to customize the web pages and add the desired content. KOEBT, the integration engine of the project, integrated LOBPA’s new website with Nemtilmeld, which adds great value to the customer experience – but also helps reduce human errors and saves resources for the organization.

To assure LOBPA that they will get the digital solutions promised, Twentyfour created a list of deliverables describing the tasks in a structured manner.


Deliverables for LOBPA

  • Overall improve the user experience (UX) for various stakeholders
  • Create an intuitive and appealing menu system for the stakeholders
  • Implement new colors according to the new design
  • Ensure that the new website is modern and future proof, following best practices
  • Integrate Nemtilmeld through KOEBT

Meanwhile, Twentyfour has worked closely with LOBPA, making sure the tasks and decisions taken were aligned with LOBPA’s vision.

LOBPA’s new user-friendly website serves the organization as a portal for communication and experience sharing for their members- but also as a window to its public image and operations. LOBPA has managed to help its members even more by  providing them with a communication platform where they can share their stories.

The new website provides LOBPA’s stakeholders a better user experience, appeals to them through its new design and provides valuable information through an intuitive menu system. KOEBT has managed to successfully integrate LOBPA’s new WordPress website with Nemtilmeld, offering LOBPA’s members and stakeholders an easy-to-use and modern website. As part of the new website, there is a new webpage with all the events and activities, making it more convenient for its users to navigate the website.

Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management