Højskolen Marielyst is a folk high school for senior citizens built on a belief that an active and committed life is a prerequisite for a high quality of life. The folk high school provides the individual course participant with inspiration, knowledge, and the courage to continue an active and committed life well into their later years.

Højskolen Marielyst offers many activities, such as morning exercise, teaching, lectures, and various evening events. For this reason, it is important that everyone who is interested in participating has easy access to both seeing the many offers and signing up to the ones that are most interesting to them.

However, Højskolen Marielyst experienced inconsistencies and errors when participants tried to book a course or a room. Also, there were issues with keeping track of the rooms that had been booked and the participants who had signed up for courses and activities.

For these reasons, Højskolen Marielyst needed to optimize its booking system on the website. Therefore, the folk high school was searching for a digital agency to help them do just that. Højskolen Marielyst reached out to Twentyfour to have them develop a solution with an exact and intuitive booking process.

hojeskolen website

Twentyfour used KOEBT to integrate WooCommerce and e-economic so that orders and sign-ups are automatically transferred to e-conomic when participants have placed an order or signed up to an event. Also, Twentyfour set up Mailchimp to automate newsletters, catalogs, and other messages the folk high school might have for the participants.

Both the integration and the implementation of Mailchimp means that bills and registration confirmations are sent automatically to participants immediately after registration to ensure that there are no doubts on whether or not the participant has successfully signed up to the popular courses and activities.

Twentyfour also implemented bus pick-up options to certain activities and courses at certain locations to make it easier for both the folk high school and its participants.

The result was a really nice digital solution for Højskolen Marielyst that minimized the human errors related to manual processes and increased customer satisfaction.

Both the integration between WooCommerce and e-conomic and the implementation of Mailchimp and bus-pick-up reduces the time spent on creating courses in the back-end of the booking system. It also allows Højskolen Marielyst to focus on the things that create the most value to them – which is working for an active and committed life with and for senior citizens.

Once the project had been finalized, Twentyfour took over responsibility for the maintenance of Højskolen Marielyst’s primary website, which includes continuous updates of the website, hosting, SSL, and security packages to the KOEBT integrations.

Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management