Greenland Travel arrange and sell trips to Greenland and offer their expertise, knowledge, and love for the culture, history, and nature with private and business customers.

They aim to become the best and most popular travel agency selling trips to Greenland, and providing travels full of adventures and unique travel experiences. Their travel guides speak the language, know every fjord, glacier, and iceberg, and will take their curious tourists through Greenland’s unforgettable ice paradises.


For Greenland Travel to arrange their travels and activities, whether it’s on an airplane, dogsled, hiking on ice sheets, or staying overnight in an igloo, they need a system and website that makes it easy and clear to find information and be inspired for people dreaming of going to Greenland.

Due to a disconnection from the original CMS system, Greenland Travel saw it as a golden opportunity to change their CMS system and improve their website simultaneously. The obstacle with their previous website and CMS systems was that they have not been able to customize as they would like to, without having to seek help from IT suppliers.


Also, they wanted to re-think how the end-user contacts Greenland Travel, since their phones were ringing all day and took up too much time, as many calls could have been avoided by an optimized and user-friendly website. Therefore, Greenland Travel contacted Twentyfour to create an integrated system and solution that could help Greenland Travel reach its goals.

The new solution includes an integration between Dynamics AX and WordPress. This will reduce manual labor and eventually reduce costs and workloads. All relevant data from the different systems (WordPress, Dynamics AX, ERP systems, and others) will automatically be exchanged by the system integration KOEBT has made. The integrations automatically exchange data between Dynamics AX and WordPress, which makes AX the single point of truth (SPOT, which means that AX is the central data platform for Greenland Travel. Eventually, this solution will give a bigger overview, and the company will be less prone to human errors.


Twentyfour uses a house-built integration platform called KOEBT. A good tool as it is flexible has many benefits to their systems and fulfills Greenland Travel’s need to minimize costs. In case the ERP system should be changed, the KOEBT platform can integrate this too. Furthermore, there has been a re-evaluation of the website, updates, improvements in UX design, and more compelling content.

By updating and improving the website and overall design, the user experience has improved. E.g. adding various language and domain versions (.dk, .de, .uk, .gl, and .com) as well as currencies to make it easier to find the prices.


On top of that, getting advanced search and filter functions to guide the end-user to relevant products leads to more sales through the website and distinguishing between B2B and B2C on the website. This will make it easier for the users, as it becomes clearer where to look for their next private or business travel.


Lastly, the conversion rates from phones and tablets were noticeably low. It has been fixed by having responsive design and handling the traffic, which leads to higher conversion rates.

Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management