Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek is one of Copenhagen’s favorite and most astonishing museum jewels. With the unique combination of art, history, and beautiful architectural halls, it delights and educates today’s diverse audiences, both locals and tourists.


Satisfying the customers

As the establishment is of such glorified and historic nature, the wish to make it more accessible for all and thus, even more attractive, had risen.

Along with a more modern and accessible public image, the museum also wished to make its shop available online and cater to the needs of its visitors even when they are not physically visiting it.

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek chose Twentyfour to create a website for them – a site that would bring the museum to digital life, in all its glory, and without taking away any of the real experience.


Click here to watch a short demonstration of Glyptoteket website and shop.

Image of Glyptoteket's entrance with flowers
Image of statues from one of the rooms in Glyptoteket

Glyptoteket’s needs

These are the main needs to be solved:

  • Make the site responsive to any devices it is used on (computer, tablet, phone).
  • Intuitive and user-friendly back-end for easy maintenance and updates.
  • Inspire site visitors to become museum visitors.
  • Impressive and detailed webshop.
  • Beautiful graphic design, inspired by the masterpieces shown in the museum.

Twentyfour executed the project using multiple programs and skills: Microsoft Dynamics NAV, WordPress, and KOEBT. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is an ERP system storing data transferred to it from KOEBT. KOEBT is an integration system which automates manual processes, allows real-time updates of stocks both for online and offline shops, and validates and recognizes memberships and annual ticket purchases.


The process

Information about the guest is being fed through the website and KOEBT to NAV, where it is validated and approved. Approval of the information grants the guest with special prices at Glyptoteket’s shops, which promotes customer satisfaction.

KOEBT integrating WordPress, WOO COMMERCE, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and QuickPay

We used KOEBT, WordPress and WooCommerce to solve the problem

WordPress is an open-source CMS, and in this context, Glyptoteket’s website. The website is supported by KOEBT, a complex integration system that allows a seamless flow of information between different systems. Using KOEBT as Glyptoteket’s integration system means that Glyptoteket’s ability to automate manual tasks grows without additional risk of human errors. As KOEBT feeds information from one system to another automatically, human errors are diminished and resources are saved.

KOEBT eases administrative workflow, minimizes costs, and frees employees to focus on tasks that promote the company’s goals. For the purpose of creating a website that is easy to maintain by the museum staff, Twentyfour used WordPress to build Glyptoteket’s website.

WordPress allows great freedom in creation and adaptation to the specific needs of the company, vast creativity channels, and endless opportunities to grow the site, and with it, the operation of the business. Glyptoteket runs a successful shop at the museum and wished to make it available to its online visitors.

To fulfill its wish Twentyfour chose WooCommerce - an intuitive and user-friendly e-commerce extension for WordPress websites. WooCommerce is flexible and easy to modify, which was important to Glyptoteket so the museum workers can keep it updated themselves. Moreover, this extension integrated with KOEBT provides Glyptoteket with the possibility to automate processes and ease the workload. For example, automated accounting, stock count, and posting updates, all contributing to the decrease in human errors.

Image of Glyptoteket's entrance

The project resulted in a beautifully designed and responsive website, that allows visitors to feel the vision and ambiance in Glyptoteket even before setting foot in the halls. The website offers an easy to navigate webshop that is updated frequently and allows the visitors to enjoy and be inspired by different items at their fingertips.


Glyptoteket and Twentyfour continue to work together as Twentyfour performs continuous maintenance tasks such as hosting the website, updates (security and latest technic versions updates), domain, SSL (secure connection), Cookies updates, images and quality optimization, multiple languages availability, and adding new features as desired.



We wanted a strong, flexible, and professional business partner who, together with the project’s steering group, could lead and drive the project forward. Twentyfour certainly met the requirements.” -Mikael Ipsen, IT & Web Manager, Glyptoteket.

Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management