DR Koncerthuset is one of the best architectural and musical attractions in Denmark. DR Koncerthuset opened in 2009 and has since held some of the world’s greatest concerts, with a wide variety of artists, ranging from classical music, to rock, and heavy metal music.

>It is designed by the international architect Jean Nouvel, and besides its architectural beauty, DR Koncerthuset is equipped for all types of performances and represents a magical and vibrant meeting place for all kinds of musical experiences.

DR Koncerthuset’s architecture, functionality, and acoustics is unique, and its colors and materials were inspired by the old Radio House in Frederiksberg, designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen in the 1930s. The cubic shape was specifically built this way by Jean Nouvel so the music hall can be harmonious among the other buildings from DR Byen.

With many awards and prizes for its beauty and functionality, DR Koncerthuset is one of the most magnificent buildings in Denmark.

DR Koncerthuset’s goal was to attract more customers and to separate its musical events from DR’s events since people would often confuse the two. Thus, DR Koncerthuset needed an appealing and interactive website, a better user experience for the website, and it needed to automate time-consuming processes.

DR Koncerthuset launched its website in collaboration with THINK, and needed a digital agency to further develop and maintain the website – and therefore, contacted Twentyfour.

Read more about Twentyfour’s collaboration with DR Koncerthuset here.

Twentyfour took over DR Koncerthuset’s website and developed the following:

  • Integration between Koncerthuset’s website and DR’s CRM with KOEBT
  • Ducksuite Integration with KOEBT
  • Auto-play background videos
  • CTA pop-up
  • Correction of the search engine<
  • DRBillet.dk- new website created for events outside of DR Koncerthuset

A whole new website and a sister website were created by Twentyfour for DR Koncerthuset. The new website is running fast, is stable, and has new appealing elements and features. Koncerthuset is responsible for creating content for its website users whereas Twentyfour is in charge of hosting and updating the website.

DRBillet.dk, the sister website, was created for events held everywhere else in Denmark and is also a portal for selling concerts and events tickets. The sister website was created in WordPress for a better user experience and appealing design. Also, developing the website in WordPress makes it easier and more convenient for the employees to manage the content on the website.

As for KOEBT, we have built a three-way integration for DR Koncerthuset. The three systems that are connected with each other are DR’s website, DR’s CRM system, and DR’s Business Intelligence system. KOEBT makes sure to transform and communicate the needed information across all of these systems. Moreover, KOEBT synchronizes the data between the systems; data like customer details, event information, ticket reservations, articles data, etc. KOEBT is very flexible and can easily be integrated with any of Koncerthuset’s systems in the future and it has several functions such as automating processes, minimizing human errors, greater data analysis, etc.

Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management