Rigsarkivet, or The Danish National Archives, is working on collecting and digitizing all the Danish historical documents to make them available to the public. Their ultimate goal is to spread Danish history and educate citizens. All the documentation has  been digitally scanned page by page, meaning that the digital copy is identical to the original ones.

Rigsarkivet wanted to build a tool that would be appealing to primary school pupils in order to  teach them about Danish history and the importance of its documentation in a new, entertaining way.

They decided to create an online family tree that pupils can  fill in, with the help of Rigsarkivet’s documents and archives.

To do that, students would need to be able to log in to the system with UNI•Login. Both schools and universities use UNI•Login to authenticate students and teachers upon login. UNI•Login’s databases contain information about the students’ and teachers’ names, CPR numbers, and all school-related information. 

To put it simply, Rigsarkivet needed an automated way of creating users on the website that logged in for the first time through UNI•Login, and periodically delete inactive users.

To provide a different and exciting history teaching to primary school pupils, Twentyfour figured that Rigsarkivet would need the following:

  • Web-based app development
  • Implementation of AM Copenhagen’s graphic design
  • Integration with UNI•Login
  • Integration with Facebook
  • The option to log in using  either UNI•Login or Facebook
  • Fully responsive – works on all displays
  • Continuous maintenance, updating, and monitoring of the system.

Twentyfour has built stamtraet.dk by using the latest technology in web development. The family tree was built in WordPress with HTML5, PHP, and jQuery to work efficiently across all platforms. Meaning, the digital family tree is accessible and responsive from any device – computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Since the family tree uses UNI•Login’s confidential data, high-security measures were implemented on the site. The project was also optimized according to WCAG 2.0 standard and GDPR.

Furthermore, KOEBT was used to integrate the website with the UNI•Login system, and to handle and format any relevant information between stamtraet.dk and UNI•Login. It also fetches students’ names along with information about the institution and class they belong to. Also, Twentyfour developed Rigsarkivet’s system so that it automatically checks UNI•Login’s databases twice a year for information about the users. If a user has not logged in for the past six months, the user will automatically be deleted from Rigsarkivet systems.

Our integration platform is extremely flexible and could easily be further integrated with the rest of Rigsarkivet’s systems in the future.

Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management