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Bella Center is Scandinavia’s largest conferences and exhibitions center, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The center is an architectural gem and a tangible reflection of Scandinavian design principles.

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Bella Center can welcome and house numerous large exhibitions and meetings per year.

Due to its busy calendar and the dynamic nature of its happenings, management decided to upgrade its customer platform for exhibitors. This decision was made as in the past, exhibitors would have multiple platforms to communicate with Bella Center, including an event catalog, webshop, access cards booking website, and sales. This proved to be tedious, time-consuming, and bad for the overall customer experience.

Image of an exhibition/events hall in Bella Center
Image of exhibition/events hall in Bella Center

Bella Center’s management wished to have new systems set up, with improved customer experience, reduce human errors and misunderstandings, and cost savings. To meet these wishes, Bella Center chose to work with Twentyfour.

To best meet the unique needs of Bella Center and supply them with a stable and scalable system, Twentyfour connected the center’s current ERP, Microsoft Dynamics Ax, with KOEBT. KOEBT is an integration platform that allows information to flow between a multitude of connected systems. Furthermore, Twentyfour built a new online platform for exhibitors, which made it possible for them to configure and personalize their stand online.


Set-up of the new solution

Bella Center’s platform and stands can be personalized to specific needs of the event owners and the exhibitors. That information is logged in and channeled through KOEBT to Microsoft Dynamics Ax. Data stored on Microsoft Dynamics Ax is also updated on the website, according to set permissions.

KOEBT integrating Wordpress with Microsoft Dynamics AX
Image with exhibition/events hall in Bella Center

After an intense collaboration process, Bella Center got an upgraded customer platform and many more possibilities to fulfill and support them and their clients’ every need.


Functions and features

As a result, the center now benefits from the following:

  • Modification of the stands, exactly to the customer’s wishes.
  • Direct integration between Microsoft Dynamics Ax and the exhibitors portal frontend (Through KOEBT).
  • Simplified and faster manual processes.
  • A modern presentation of services for exhibitors on how to improve the looks of their stands.
  • Reduction of human errors.
  • Marketing benefits – rebranding, local and international.
  • Improved customer service through an upgraded graphic user experience and options to create more users for one stand, with an option to limit information access.
  • The new system became a competitive advantage and a differentiation element in the venue market in Scandinavia.
  • Cost savings related to uniting four systems log in processes from more systems to one solution.

Bella Center’s interface and service has become up to date and satisfactory to both locals and international crowds and clients. It was vital to be able to offer a solution that could be modified individually to an event and offer support and response to each. Twentyfour’s solution, specially designed to Bella Center’s needs, has done exactly that.


As a cherry on top, the new system not only made it easier for Bella Center’s administrative staff and exhibitors, but had helped the venue center with its process of rebranding, becoming more modern, updated, and attractive to all sorts of industries. The new system has proven that Bella Center is still a force to reckon with and it has much to offer to both event owners and exhibitors.


Twentyfour’s passion and knowledge about hospitality, management, and development have come together to provide Bella Center with an all-around solution to support clients and future business development.

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Andrius Bendikas, Head of Account Management